vet holding toy above dog headOur facility offers premium pet boarding and medical boarding. For boarding questions and reservations call our clinic at 859-223-5215.

Clays Mill Veterinary Clinic has been on a mission to create the kind of experience for your pets that we would want for our own pets. We know it is difficult for you and your pet to be separated. We strive to give your pet a fun, relaxing place to stay so that you both can enjoy your time away from home.

We have found that pets don't care if their runs have wallpaper! No matter how big an indoor run or an outdoor enclosure is, you pet will still be lonely if he is in it all alone. Pets want attention, and lots of it!

We have developed several packages that keep your pets occupied and engaged from the time they get up until their final tuck-in at night.


How Are We Different?

vet walking dog on sidewalk

  • Four potty breaks a day
  • One long neighborhood walk
  • One one-on-one play session
  • Several treats per day
  • Nighttime tuck-in, treat, and potty break
  • Food puzzle
  • Cot with extra bedding
  • Email or text to you with pictures daily
  • Checked on by doctor every day
  • Assistant for the day
  • Skype or Facetime visits available
  • After-hours pick up times available

Your pet can be on vacation, too!

Tired of having your dog "warehoused" with dozens of other dogs? At Clays Mill Veterinary Clinic, your pet will receive hours of individualized attention.

Active Dogs
Young and active dogs need lots of attention. It is not enough for them to just have "outside runs." What really makes them calm, comfortable and happy is personalized attention, long walks, and play times. Our "Active Dog" package includes four potty breaks a day, an extra-long walk, personalized playtime in our beautiful play yard, and nighttime tuck in with a treat.

Our more active dogs also enjoy food puzzles. Food puzzles keep dogs entertained by mimicking their natural desire to "work" for their food.

This package is especially for smaller dogs, used to spending a lot of time on Mom or Dad's lap. It is especially hard for these dogs to spend time alone. With this package, dogs get four potty breaks, an extra long walk, cuddle-time play times on theimage of two vets each holding small dogs couch, and can be "assistant for the day," spending much of the day with the receptionists up front.


Special Connection

We know how hard it is to be away from your best friend. We will be emailing (or texting) pictures and activity updates daily. You will have a phone number you can text any time during the day for an update. We can also help you visit with your dog through Facetime or Skype.