Resources  ›  Is Your Pet Sick? Questions to ask yourself

Here are some useful questions to ask yourself if you think your pet needs medical attention.

  1. What does your pet normally eat?
  2. Is your pet current on vaccines?
  3. Is your pet on heartworm prevention?
  4. Is your pet spayed or neutered?
  5. What medications is your pet is currently taking, including supplements of any kind and over-the-counter medications?
  6. Has your pet had problems with any of the following? If so, make a note to discuss with your veterinarian:
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Coughing
    • Sneezing
    • Limping
    • Stiffness, soreness, trouble on slick floors or stairs?
    • Bad breath
    • Visible tartar on teeth
    • Pawing at ears or eyes
    • Excessive licking or chewing of feet or flanks or tail
    • Shaking head
    • Runny or bloodshot eyes?
    • One eye seems larger than the other
    • Places of hair loss
    • Dander, dandruff, dry skin
    • Spots on skin
    • Bleeding or Bruising
    • Trouble urinating
    • Drinking more or less water than usual
    • Changes in appetite (More hungry? Less hungry?)
    • Weight gain or loss?
    • Hair "unkept"
    • Less active or less alert than normal
    • Seems not to hear as well (doesn't hear the garage door when you come in, for example)
    • Pain when you touch any area
    • Any lumps or bumps that you've noticed?
  7. If your pet has had a particular problem you've been noticing, ask yourself these questions:
    • When did you first notice it?
    • is it getting better or worse?
    • If vomiting or diarrhea, estimate the frequency (twice a day, 10 times a day?) and a description (color, consistency, etc.) and if you have seen any blood?