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Learning about Vaccines

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is never more true than with your pet's vaccines. Vaccines have stopped some of our dogs' and cats' deadliest diseases in their tracks and we are profoundly grateful. However, we have to remember that vaccines aren't entirely harmless, either, and it is important to find the balance between protecting our pet's health but avoiding over-vaccinating and exposing them unnecessarily to vaccine side effects. Read more ›

The benefits of Dentistry

Pets are living much longer today than they did 30 years ago. The two main reasons for this are improved nutrition and better dental care. Frankly, for many years veterinarians dropped the ball when it came to dentistry. We let our poor pets walk around with painful, infected mouths. Read more ›

Is your pet sick? Questions to ask yourself.

Here are some useful questions to ask yourself if you think your pet needs medical attention. Read more ›

Useful Articles

From our friends at Veterinary Partner, here are some fantastic articles highlighting everything from housetraining your puppy to what to do about cats urinating outside the box. Read more ›